an open multi-touch tracker based on mutual capacitance sensing


Large and responsive multi-touch panels based on mutual capacitance sensing are difficult to build. Publicly accessible schematics are rare if not nonexistent.

We are working on an affordable and open solution for UI researchers and electronics enthusiasts to foster innovation outside the closed labs of industrial R&D. (And we want to use it ourselves.)


23.08.2013 We decided to release the code and the schematics under the GPL v3 license on Github.
28.02.2014 We released version 1.2
26.05.2016 We corrected a few minor errors and released version 1.23
04.09.2016 Version 1.3 is out
05.09.2016 We published an article about WireTouch here


In 2008 Georg Kaindl built a laser-based multi-touch table and wrote the Touché framework. In 2011 Armin Wagner initiated the CEAT project at the Vienna University of Technology from which WireTouch grew out of. Some of our first small steps can be seen on this youtube playlist.


You can reach us under the following email address: mail followed by @wiretouch followed by .net